I own a NikonD40 and I really enjoy it. As you’ll see from my photography I prefer scenery, landscape, and slice of life for my subjects.

To the right you’ll find thumbnails of some of my favorites, as well as links to public Picasa albums with about a hundred more images taken during my stay in Savannah, GA while attending SCAD.

Below is a link to three public Picasa albums filled with many more, taken more recently.

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Bridge Series

These paintings are part of a series depicting a scene as it changes through the seasons, time of day, and weather.

I tried to as closely match the Hudson River School style by fabricating the composition from several photographs and trying to recreate lighting and weather different for each painting.

Colors are a crutch

I love the subtle tones and detail that a freshly sharpened 2B pencil can produce.

I feel that sometimes colors can detract from an image. Knowing how to convey tone and hue without actually using a color will let you appreciate the subtleties of light.

Tribute to the masters

No better form of flattery than mimicry, right?

I love these artists so much that I wanted to pay homage by recreating their style.

Do you recognize these artists?

And even more!

I really enjoy representing something accurately. Photorealism is a recurring theme in all my work.

Here’s a collection of work from multiple mediums, including some digital paintings done with Corel.