Directed by: Dan Furlow
Synopsis: Perennial is a film about finding hope in death and life through dreams. A father copes with not knowing where to place the emotions caused by the death of his child and he works through this loss by engaging in an intense cyclical ritual where in he creates an elaborate fantasy world in which his son can face his death with strength and grace. The piece is a commentary on how improper practices on explaining death to children, or themes are large and ineffable as death, may effect their developmental stages later in life, ie. the father was not taught how to understand death so that when his son dies he can’t deal with it in a healthy way. This all comes out of a thesis paper where I look at death in children’s stories, specifically animation, and try to pinpoint which films do a better job at explaining death to children, based on research on children’s coping mechanisms.

As producer I organized and managed over 30 local team members who worked with and delegated to various departments to progress on this film.  In addition to the local team members and weekly meetings and daily check-ins, I also managed over 25 additional team members that contributed as satellite workers, meeting and contributing remotely.

Featuring:  Soft and realistic lighting in half the film, contrasted by stylistic shaders through out a separate potion of the film.  Houdini particle based clouds for VSFX.  Animated matte paintings.  A full music and SFX composition.


Directed by: Cami Woodruff

Though 2D is not my specialty, I was more than happy to help Cami by producing her thesis film.  Through promotion and meetings on campus at SCAD we assembled a loving and dedicated small team of students who quickly fell in love with the project and lent their hearts and free time to the project.  Production lasted a little over one quarter, about twelve weeks, and was fully completed on time.

Animated with Toon Boom Harmony, backgrounds painted with Photoshop and Corel Painter, VSFX with After Effects, compiled in Premiere Pro.

Moment of Tooth

Directed by: Stephan Ehl

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As part of a one-quarter long class, our goal as a class was to produce the best film we could in ten weeks.  From conception right through completion the entire film was finished within the one quarter at SCAD.  I produced and held daily meetings to keep things on track with extremely tight deadlines.  Our executive producer, (our professor Jason Maurer) oversaw the direction of the film during our short class meetings.